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Eleaf IStick Pico 75W 




  • Pocket friendly compact design.
  • Solid construction.
  • Easy to use.
  • Temperature control
  • 75W max rating for Power Output.
  • Upgradable Firmware.
  • Pass Through Charging.
  • Removable 18650 battery


  • It offers fixed ramp up voltage when tuned to TC mode.


The Eleaf Pico starter kit can lead to fully satisfying, powerful and classic vaping experience for long run. This Lilliputian sized package can fulfil all your desires with ease and that is why I recommend this product to all my hardcore smoker fellows.

Eleaf Istick Pico 75w Review Video:

Why I Like Eleaf iStick Pico?

If you are a hardcore smoker then you definitely need to carry your vaporizer for all day long. And definitely now one love to carry a heavy weighted product in his pocket. So the best idea is to pick Eleaf iStick Pico for you, it will never create extra burden on your pocket, neither in terms of weight nor by price point.

Few more ad-ons include its ability to allow vapers with maximum 75W power setting and the 18560 battery allows it to work all day long with single charge.

I am quite impressed with its build quality that truly makes a difference as compared to other portable vaporizers in market. The best part is that this product can also be used at the time of charging. Yeah! It is definitely safe.

How can I forget to share its outstanding temperature control compatibility for Stainless Steel, Titanium and Nickel. All its functions are quite easier to use and users can enjoy fast scrolling over wattage. You will need just five minutes to become friendly with its well designed menu. There are so many things to talk about this tiny vaporizer, find some time to go through this detailed Eleaf Istick Pico 75w Review to have a clear idea about its performance.

Variable Wattage:

iStick Pico allows maximum wattage settings up to 75W, I think this is best rating for serious smokers. Also, the solid feature set with efficient variable wattage control make it most suitable device for beginners.

You can easily move between 1W to 75W wattage range to enjoy different vaping styles and this is probably the only device that offers such a wide control over wattage settings. I must say, it can fulfil all your heat setting requirement that is usually the biggest need of buyers.

Mode Adjustments and Temperature Control:

I follow three major mode settings on this device: one if bypass or standard mode and other choices are TCR and TC-SS modes. Switching to Bypass mode means that you will not be able to control battery voltage, this vaporizer will simply keep on working at raw battery voltage settings.

For serious kind of smokers who want more control over temperature, TCR and TC-SS modes are more suitable choices. The temperature control settings of Pico cover Stainless steel, Titanium and Nickel. Settings for TCR mode can be done directly from Fire button by simply pressing it three times.

The standard range for temperature is between 200 and 600 degree F or 100 and 315 degree C. It is much easier to control temperature resistance of atomizer by simply holding the Fire and + button just for 2 seconds. Whereas, if you press fire button with – button for 2 seconds then this device will automatically move to stealth mode. In this mode, you can enjoy vaping without allowing your device to light up.

Advantageous Safety Features:

Eleaf Pico is designed to offer outstanding safety features including its high temperature protection, low voltage, short circuit and 10 second cut-off. It can also assist users in limiting resistance of atomizer to the minimum value of 0.1 ohms when they tune it to bypass/standard mode whereas it can go down up to 0.05 ohms with TC mode.

It ensures perfect safety of user during his vaping hours but you need to stay careful about high ampere drain through its 18650 battery.

Battery Performance:

What can you expect from a single 18560 cell? It can definitely fulfil your basic requirements but the actual rating highly depends upon your choices for wattage.

Vape time will definitely reduce if you are always tuned to 75W power output, that is pretty cool choice for high end smokers but then you have to pay in terms of performance.  Your vape time between tank refills as well as battery swaps can go on much faster rate with high wattage ratings.

It cannot be rated as a con because this whole unit can deliver you as much as performance that you can expect from a tiny vaporizer package.

OLED: One beautiful addition:

You will find OLED Screen at one side of Pico that displays battery level, wattage and resistance rating. A fire button is available next to OLED display that makes mode controls much easier whereas the USB port allows easy connectivity for firmware upgrade.


When I compared this beautiful tiny vaporizer with few other portable products available in market then I came to know about its real worth. Yeah! It’s quite impressive and feature rich. Its ability to reach up to 75W peak makes it much better then Wismec Centurion. Not only wattage rating, but size and weight of Wismec is half as compared to Centurion.

This single battery cell may be a con against all other powerful brands like Wismec, and Beyond Vape etc. But the tiny size with impressive mode control is again an advantage to Pico’s side.

The one chip design is quite famous these days but Eleaf has shown the real power of this advanced technology with its iStick Pico design. You can enjoy fixed settings for wattage as well as temperature for Stainless Steel, Titanium and Nickel whereas it offers three user programmable settings for TCR mode.

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