Joytech Cuboid 150w Review |

Joyetech Cuboid 150W



5/5 (User Rating)

4.3/5 (Expert Rating)


  • Safe to use with smart technology.
  • It is much easier to upgrade to 200w.
  • It is compact enough even with the dual battery regulated mod.
  • The curved edges make it more comfortable to use.


  • Many experienced vapers do not like its way of regulating the power output.
  • Paint is very thin.
  • The plastic type strip easily faces scratches.


Beginners that are little nervous to try out a new regulated mod for their vaping needs, will definitely find Joyetech Cubiod one of the best product. I would love to appreciate it outstanding safety features with each vaping preference. But those who want full control over vaping with their daring habits will feel little disappointed with its highly regulated power feature.

Cuboid 150w has been recently launched into the market but you can find it hitting the market hard. I got attracted towards this device right at the moment when my eyes caught it on the shelf at a nearby store. I found it perfect for my routine needs.

Why I Like Joytech Cuboid 150w?

When I started using Cuboid, I was really impressed with its easy to use setup. It came out of box with 150w rating but I was happy that in future I can upgrade it to 200w if needed. As, I commonly use to vape with 20w to 50w rating so this power rating was perfect for me and of course for many beginners like me.

Its batteries can be charged with USB via mod but I still prefer to charge them with separate charging unit.

Once I dropper it accidently from a height of almost 1 ft but I was impressed to see its perfect performance even after that. I must say that Cuboid 150w is a safe, smart and simple mod and it is proven to be the best investment for beginners.


Indeed, the display is classy one; it can show much information on its beautiful tiny screen. You will find details regarding amps, resistance, wattage, temperature and even the operating mode. It is bright enough so you can see all fonts clearly and no doubt, they are reasonably large. Even if you want to make adjustments for your display screen then a small button available at bottom of this display solves your trouble. It works like an adjustment scale button with plus minus control abilities.

Temperature Control:

Cuboid comes with advanced preset temperature control settings; you can adjust it for Stainless Steel, Titanium and Nickel. The amazing thing to know is that Cuboid also allows users to go for three different manual settings so if you are not satisfied with the above basic three then go for customization to enjoy vaping in your personal style. You will rarely find any other device with such user friendly settings even with a budget friendly design. Cuboid is not as good as Vaptio Ascension S150 or Vaporesso Target but still people love it because of its functionality and simplicity.

Dual Battery Service:

Even with its dual battery design, Joyetech Cuboid is rated as one of the most compact device for your routine needs. You will find it just a bit taller as compared to other 18650-mods but yes, its thinner appearance looks perfect in hands.

The battery door is well hinged and it features a tiny tab that can be pulled outside to open batter door. Once you have placed your batteries inside you can lock it back. I found this much better solution as compared to R-series and Smok H-Priv mods.

Comparison to Disguiser 150w Mod:

Although, both of these devices are rated to serve with 150w power output and offer similar kind of temperature control while using 2 18650 batteries, but still there are few differences:

  • Cuboid can be upgraded to 200w but Movkin is fixed to 150w power level.
  • In case of Disguiser, you will find one additional advantages that it can completely hide the tank whereas the 25mm diameter setting makes it much easier to change the tank.
  • If we talk about the resistance settings then Disguiser offers 01.-3ohms settings for the wattage mode and for temperature mode you can switch to 0.05 to 2 ohms. On the other side, Cuboid follows 0.05 to 1.5 ohm resistance range for VT mode and VW mode can be selected on 0.1 to 3.5 ohm range.
  • Joyetech Cuboid is rated as one of the cheapest mod available in market.

Joyetech Cuboid 150w comparison with other portable Mods of Joyetech Series:

Joyetech has offers various solutions to the beginners as well as hard core vapers. Now the wide options for selection with reasonable price range are available. If you look at Delta II then it is found little cheaper then Cuboid with a price tag of $39.95 whereas for Cuboid it is $54.95. Joyetech AIO Box and AIO D22 are also available at cheaper price range with price range of $29.95 and $27.95 respectively. But the difference goes with available features as Cuboid offers dual battery design even with compact size and its firmware is upgradable.

Where to Buy?

You will find so many deals online but when it is matter of trust and quality then VapeWorld is my best suggestion. I always prefer to pick my collection from this world famous store only and have not found any trouble till now. The thing that I liked most about VapeWorld service is that they are always ready to ensure overnight shipping. You will not find such a great and user friendly delivery facility on any other website. One more interesting thing to know about VapeWorld is their attractive discount coupons that are always available on website and they make deals much satisfactory. So if you are planning to buy a mod and wish to pick a design that suits your personality then have a look over Joyetech Cuboid 150w on VapeWorld, you will definitely make a great investment.