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Wismec Reuleaux rx200




  • Appealing design
  • Outstanding price point.
  • Handles all coil types.
  • Battery life.
  • Upgradable firmware.


  • Heavier
  • Cheap paint, cover is necessary.



Wismec is simply the best collaboration between Wismec and JayBo. Its three battery type layout is definitely good choice so you can expect powerful performance. RX200 is simply the best follow up to DNA200 with improved quality, new color and better screen size. This well designed product is definitely my top choice for my next purchase and that is why I am so glad to share few details about it in this Wismec Reuleaux rx200 Review.

Wismec Reuleaux rx200 Video Review

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Why I like Wismec Reuleaux rx200

RX200 is one impressive addition to Reuleaux series with three removal 18650 cells that follow reverse polarity protection. As I was using DNA200 from a long past in my house so I find RX200 as best replacement to it due to same dimensions: 55x40x84mm.

This device is designed with upgradable firmware option so performance of RX200 board can be easily improved with pocket friendly investment. And the best part is that it can give me an opportunity to stay updated with changing technologies.

Wismec/Jaybo RX200 model impressed me with its innovative technology, unique shape and appealing design. This is just a perfect form of imagination. As this device is containing 18650’s, not those old LiPo packs so its TC system is capable enough to work with multiple metal coils. Definitely it can serve more power to run over any resistance and you can expect great performance ever.

Mode Choices:

Users can enjoy more creative settings to their vaping needs with four unique mode selection options of RX200. You can choose any of the modes, VW, TC-SS, TC-Ti and TC-Ni. Further, the reverse polarity type circuitry makes this product highly safe even when multiple cells are connected inside.

Temperature Settings:

The Plus-Minus buttons allow easy control over temperature settings. When it is working in TC mode then you can adjust its temperature somewhere between 100 degree and 315 degree C. On the other side, the Variable wattage mode allows fast tuning options from Up-Down buttons.

OLED Panel:

One of the most loved things about Wismec Reuleaux RX200 is its 0.69 inches OLED panel that is smaller as compared to DNA200. It provides display for coil settings, temperature control modes, power and also shows battery level. An up down button is available below this display that can be used to adjust all settings with ease.

Special Functions:

They have designed new brand new vaporizer with all amazing features. I find so many interesting things to do with its settings. Everything appears interactive and outstanding on this product with these special functions:

  • Screen Flip: You can flip the screen orientation even when your device is switched off. To do this, simply hit the Up/Down or Plus/Minus buttons at the same time and it will respond immediately with a flip.
  • Resistance Lock Function: When your device is in working condition, simply hold down its Fire Button along with Up/Plus button. It will automatically enable the resistance lock.
  • Adjustment Lock: If you press Up/Down and Plus/Minus buttons simultaneously then it will go to adjustment lock settings.
  • Stealth Mode: Just hold the Fire Button with Minus/Down button for some time when you device is On.
  • Power On/Off: Prefer to press fire button 5 times and it will provide quick succession.

Battery Life:

As, you have already read that Wismec Reuleaux RX200 is containing three 18650mAh batteries so you can definitely expect long hour performance from this product.

Just get it fully charged before you start using and then it can delivery you constant service for three or four days. Obviously, the actual life of battery depends upon your vaping style and also on what wattage you prefer to use. Generally, a 200W setting is capable enough to burn your juice much faster as compared to 60W adjustment.

As 18650mAh is a great rating so, users are able to get 24 hours service with their hardcore or serious vaping needs. Casual or low power users can enjoy vaping for 72 plus hours with ease.

Being the middle man, I am able to enjoy its services up to approximately 48 hours with single full charge.

Styling and Build Quality:

If we talk about overall shape, size and weight then RX200 definitely appears an appealing choice. If you buy this product, you will get the stainless steel construction with Zinc alloy and it definitely feels too solid. I love its 510 pin that is spring loaded and have gold plating over it. The display is attractive enough with impressive size and typical set of information that is clearly displayed.

Once you hold it in your hand, you will feel that your investment have brought great product to your home with all impressive features.

Comparison to Other portable Vaporizers:

You must be searching for something that offers best returns to your investment. Indeed, RX200 is best choice with all updated features and outstanding price point. RX200 is available with a price tag below $60 and you will definitely love its higher degree of control.

Easy settings and OLED display can assist you in excellent vaping experience and of course you will be impressed with its three cell battery performance. The best part is its ability to allow firmware updates so if you once decide to buy RX200 then you can stay updated with technology for so long without facing any challenges.

The mode setting option makes this vaporizer stand out among other competitors like Freemax Scylla and DNA200 etc.

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