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Wismec Reuleaux RX300 




  • This mod is well known for its round edge type design that makes it handy enough.
  • It is designed with compact size so that users can easily carry it in their pockets.
  • Higher power rating of Wismec Reuleaux RX300 is a big advantage.
  • TC works accurately.
  • You will not face any 510 issue, misalignment problem or connector related trouble.
  • Its battery can last even for one full day.
  • Menu offers easy navigation services.


  • It is heavy enough; this quad battery design of mod cannot be fixed inside pocket.
  • It offers acceptable services only up to or less than 30 mm atomisers; for higher ones it faces overhang.
  • One common issue is its uneven battery discharging.
  • The screen brightness is little compromising.


If we concentrate over features and power ratings then you will definitely find RX300 module impressive enough. Its dual and triple battery type configurations offer great services to beginners as well as hard core vapers. I found it more useful due to its four replaceable battery type design that offers maximum power rating up to 300 watt; definitely it is the best choice for crazy hard core vapers like me.

Further, the options to upgrade firmware with all latest features make it more essential for users who want to stay up to date with technology. You will be surprised to know that an RC adapter can make this tiny device able to work like a power bank for several electronic devices.

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What I like about Wismec Reuleaux RX300?

Its chipset works with flawless controls and you can upgrade firmware with the help of Micro USB port same as other variants of RX. This thing made me feel good about RX300 mod. One more interesting thing to note is its ability to work like a power bank for other electronic gadgets. As all my family members are crazy smartphone users so I often find difficulties to get a free charging point in my home but now with RX300, I am enjoying my personal battery backup that lasts for whole day.

I found its menu system quite impressive and it is much easier to control. Even a little child will not find any confusion while operating this user friendly mod. It is definitely the best choice for beginners.

Functionality, Temperature and Power Settings for RX300:

When we talk about functionality then none other than RX300 can serve with all user friendly services. As you can switch it to maximum power rating of 300 Watts so the temperature range can vary anywhere between 200F to 600F.

With TC mode, you can switch to SS, Ti and Ni coils and the minimum resistance setting can be brought down to 0.05 ohms. With the variable wattage adjustments, you can reduce the resistance level as low as up to 0.1 ohms.


RX300 is designed with a large OLED display unit that is of 0.96 inch. It provides enough information with easy readability. The details highlighted on this OLED display include voltage outputs, resistance, power level and details about both batteries. But the sad part is that this screen is not bright enough so you will find little difficult to get things observed.

Battery Performance:

As already discussed, RX300 contains four 18650 batteries so it can serve you for longer duration. Even with single charge, it can allow you to enjoy vapes up to 2 or 3 days. But as it also supports charging to other electronic devices so most of the vapers like me prefer to charge their smartphone via USB slot and hence service hours decay to some extent.

I found its battery doors highly secure and they hold batteries perfectly while maintaining a venting slot from both sides. You can charge this mod using USB slot but the best idea is to connect external charger. Market is loaded with lots of inexpensive chargers that ensure fast battery charging so you can pick any of these.

The only complaint I have about RX300 batteries is that they do not ensure even performance for discharging. I would prefer to mark these batteries as 1, 2, 3 and 4 and then keep rotating their positions after every charge so that equal discharge cycles can be maintained.

Comparison of Wismec Reuleaux RX300 with other Portable Mods:

Currently I find 4 big competitors in the market: Wismec RX300, iJoy EXO 360, Smok GX350 and VapeOnly Hack; each one of these has great features so buyers often get confused while making selection.

However, all these mods carry 4 batteries still EXO 360 is smallest among all. Wismec Rauleaux is well known for its special DNA chip type design with the 3 cell feature. iJoy EXO 360 and Smok GX350, both can be powered with 2 batteries so they offer great weight reduction. In terms of interface, Vapeonly Hack has got higher rating but the power bank ability of EXO360 and Wismec RX300 is a great edge.

I must let you know that both Hack and RX300 are designed with square shape so they appear little unhandy whereas the Reuleaux style design of EXO 360 and GX350 make them fully gripped to stay in hand.

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