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Wismec is an affiliate company of Joyetech which has glorified the market with its inventions and innovations for many years. RX200S is an improved version of RX200 as the name suggests (iPhone 6S is an improved version of iPhone 6) but both are equally good and capturing the market already with their features. Both the models are awesome and RX200S a little more than that as it is the improved version. Let’s check out the notable differences in the below sections is you are unsure which one to buy.

Wismec RX200 vs RX200S

When Wismec released its RX200, it quickly became the mod that rose to the top of pile and every customer wanted this product because of its pocket friendly price, triple batteries of 18650, reverse polarity direction and Titanium, Nickel and stainless steels temperature modes. RX200S was released months later and just like any other higher version of the product it is known by the name of ‘upgraded version of RX200’ and not like ‘RX200S’!

All these instances must have put you in thought whether or not you should drop extra cash on these upgraded models. We will run you through its various features and specialities in the next sections. But before we begin, we want to clarify that we just simply love the manufacturers as they have ground breaking inventions and their ideas have been jumped on by every other manufacturer so reliability and durability of any model can’t be undermined in any situation!

  • Screen Size: RX200S has a screen which is bigger than RX200. A bigger screen with high resolution helps in easy operating on device and also makes it user friendly. RX200 has 0.69 inch OLED screen while RX200S has 0.96 inch.
  • Shape: While RX200 is hexagonal in shape, RX200S has unique irregular shape. Both of them look classic and stylish while you hold them although!
  • Front & Back covers: While RX200 is available in four different colours defining the fashion statement of the product; RX200S has 5 colours to choose from! Matte white, white, red and black is the ones in RX200. Silver & Grey, Black & Red, White & Black, Blue & Black and Cyan & Black are available in RX200S. Not only this, front and back cover are replaceable in RX200S. So you can buy the product in one colour and then you may replace its covers to give it a new look altogether. RX200 doesn’t have this feature and rather silicon cases are available to prevent unintentional scraping. These are like exterior covers which need to be removed while vaping but keep the device protected (although some considers these silicon cases as extra weight). RX200S enables you to replace the front and back covers and hence right now no silicon covers are there in market to provide an extra layer of protection.
  • Standard configuration: Piece of trivia may be but since we are noting down the differences, I would like to quote that RX200 packing only contains this device without cells and a USB cable to charge it. RX200S has this model without cells and USB cable like RX200 but it also has warning card and user manual. If you are an advanced player in this market then you might not need user manual but for novice players it is necessary. So stay ready to surf Google for understanding functioning in that case!

Both of them have bold positive and negative signs to help you in replacing the battery easily but RX200S have a little more detailing if we compare with RX200. Not only this, RX200S has multiple ventilation holes which improve the temperature and resistance performance of any device. The overall structure and core functioning is similar in both models.

Wismec RX200 vs RX200S Video Review

What is common between Wismec RX200 & RS200S?

  • While these may seem to be little technical but if you are user of e-cigarettes then you would be able to understand the following terms and evaluate its intensity for better user experience. Since we have discussed the features which are different and might impact your buying decision, it is necessary that we discuss the ones which are common and worth noting even if they are present in both of the models.
  • Output wattage ranging from 1 to 200W
  • Resistance range for both TC and VW modes
  • Temperature range ranging from 100 to 315 degree Celsius
  • 510 spring loaded thread which makes the device wear- resisting and adaptable
  • Reverse polarity protection
  • Upgradable Firmware for always staying up to date with vaping evolution
  • Battery cell monitoring wherein the performance of battery is displayed on OLED screen

Although both these models can be charged via USB cable but it is better to charge the batteries by taking them out and charge through external charger. This helps in monitoring the battery performance more closely.

Which one to buy?

RX200S is undoubtedly an excellent mod but if you already possess RX200 then there is no point investing in RX200S as the main features and even the manufacturers are same. Both these versions are very good choice in high-power, adjustable features and moderately priced categories. Both of these vary within the range of $50, RX200S a little on higher side. So if you are confused between the then we certainly recommend going for RX200S but you can go through features again and plan to buy RX200 if that suffices your purpose.

Where to buy?

There are lot of websites which are supplying these but I always prefer ordering from VapeWorld. Their quick and timely delivery makes me choose them always. Also, they have lot of offers coming up every now and then and I love to be part of this summer, autumn and winter sales. The website also claims donation of 10% of each purchase and I feel deep down in my head that I am doing something for society as well.

Still confused?

Check out the detailed reviews of both of these variants on the links below if you want to do some more brainstorming before you inves